IPG Announces Partnership With Roche Financial

International Professional Group Announces Partnership With Roche Financial Group

February 9, 2021, Mississauga, Ontario As part of the businesses’ eagerness to improve its service solutions to clients, notable professional accounting firm International Professional Group (IPG) is pleased and honoured to announce its new partnership with the Roche Financial Group. Through this strategic partnership, clients will now have access to personal financial planning, family wealth management, tax planning for corporations and families, risk planning and insurance, and strategic financial planning for business in addition to the tax, accounting and companies advisory services that IPG already provides.


“We believe the first step in the method of aiding people and businesses in securing their finances begins with diligently analyzing how the cost of living is managed, how debt is structured, and the amount that is paid for insurance premiums to lessen taxes and maximize income,” said Fathi Abu-Farah, founder and president of IPG.


“Although there are organizations and financial advisors who insist they provide comprehensive financial planning, they often practice in one or two distinct domains, therefore only rendering partial assistance. These plans may be subject to not accurately encompassing the client’s best interests by failing to identify potential risk in other areas, including taxes. However, with Roche Financial Group, clients will have access to extensive financial planning services that accommodate a complete study of all possible risks that support us in making reliable financial decisions.”


“Our philosophy from when we first opened our firm was to ensure our client’s financial interests are handled thoughtfully, with a focus on the future while minimizing tax liabilities in the present,” vocalized Rami Manna, a partner at IPG.” “These additional services allow us to meet with our clients individually to recognize their individual needs and provide them with personalized and suitable financial solutions. We at IPG care and serve our clients first-hand and are excited to begin this new chapter in our business to help serve them more effectively,” added Fathi Abu-Farah.


About International Professional Group

IPG is a professional accounting firm located in Mississauga and Hamilton that offers businesses and investors accounting, tax, audit and advisory services to clients across Canada, the United States and the Middle East. The firm employs a team with over 135 years of combined successful accounting and finance expertise backed by a substantial portfolio of certifications from attributed Canadian and International organizations.

About Roche Financial Group

For over 50 years, Roche Financial Group has provided full-service financial planning, taxation, and accounting services to families and businesses across Ontario, including asset and liability management, estate and retirement planning, succession planning for businesses and payroll and benefits planning. For more information about Roche Financial Group, please visit their official website.


Download a PDF copy of the press release from HERE.

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