Notice of cyber incident involving the CPA Canada website

CPA Canada has notified certain members and other individuals about a breach of personal information, including contact information, that could result in targeted phishing scams.

On April 24, CPA Canada notified members and posted a warning on its website about possible email phishing activity relating to the organization’s website and email addresses of some CPA Canada members.

CPA Canada has discovered that unauthorized third parties accessed certain contact information held by the organization, including email addresses, through a cyber-attack against the CPA Canada website. Upon discovering this, CPA Canada took immediate steps to secure its systems and conduct a comprehensive analysis to determine what information may have been involved.

CPA Canada worked closely with cyber security experts to conduct its investigation, to ensure that its systems were promptly secured and to identify what information was involved. In addition to notifying potentially affected individuals directly, we have contacted law enforcement, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and privacy authorities where applicable.

We encourage individuals to remain vigilant, as always, about any emails, text messages or phone calls you may receive asking you to provide sensitive information or click on links or attachments, or that use urgent or threatening language, even if they appear to come from CPA Canada or an individual or company you know or trust.

Generally, CPA Canada does not contact members directly, or any other individuals, to request personal information. Should you receive a phone call, text message, email or any other communication from CPA Canada about this issue or any other matter, please exercise caution and ensure that you are speaking to a CPA Canada representative. If you have received a fraudulent email, please report it to the Anti-Fraud Centre through its online portal.

If you have any questions about this incident, please contact CPA Canada Customer Service at 1.800.268.3793. The customer service support line is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET), Monday through Friday. You may also contact us by email.


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