Advisory & Transactions

We offer multiple advisory services such as business valuation and due diligence, profit planning and cost saving, business plans and feasibility studies. In addition to the new corporate set up services.

We provide fair valuation of your business, before you make a decision, call us to get an evaluation done. We help you make the correct decisions from a tax perspective.

Our services include cash flow projections, financial statements and assistance with credit applications.

Business valuation

Business Valuation provides you with an in-depth look at the principles, methodologies and approaches used in business valuation, both in the context of notional market valuations and as a foundation for establishing price in open market transactions. It provides a detailed discussion of the most common valuation methodologies and the factors that influence the determination of valuation multiples and rates of return.

Better understand the principles, methodologies and approaches used in business valuation.
Address the unique facts and circumstances of each valuation by providing a well-established framework of principles and practices.
Prepare effective valuations by providing comprehensive charts, comparative tables, exhibits and examples.

Business plans

IPG creates plans that will help you raise money, achieve your goals, and build a sellable business.
Stand out from the crowd. Precise, well-researched, and expertly forecasted business plan. Our Business Plan Consultants build Bank, Investor, Visa or Grant plans all benefit from the level of detail and insight we’ve gained from working with thousands of customers. Whether you’re looking for a bank loan, investment, or Visa approval, our business plan consultants will custom a plan specifically to your needs.

How can we help you?

Contact us at IPG office or submit a business inquiry online.

We, as Dubai furniture corporation Canada department, are pleased. Many thanks to the wonderful team in the International Professional Group(IPG) under the executive director supervision of the expert Mr Fathi Abu -Farah for the sophistication in dealing and following up and getting the work done with quality and efficiency.
It made us feel confident that work matters are in safe hands, accuracy in work and follow -up and attention to give the client time in providing advice related to work in a timely manner.
We thank you very much for your efforts in organizing our financial affair, we appreciated your work.

Dubai Furniture Corporation Canada
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