Transaction Advisory Services in GTA, ON

We offer multiple advisory services such as business valuation and due diligence, profit planning and cost saving, business plans and feasibility studies. In addition to the new corporate set up services.

We provide fair valuation of your business, before you make a decision, call us to get an evaluation done. We help you make the correct decisions from a tax perspective.

Our services include cash flow projections, financial statements and assistance with credit applications.

Business valuation

Business Valuation provides you with an in-depth look at the principles, methodologies and approaches used in business valuation, both in the context of notional market valuations and as a foundation for establishing price in open market transactions. It provides a detailed discussion of the most common valuation methodologies and the factors that influence the determination of valuation multiples and rates of return.

Better understand the principles, methodologies and approaches used in business valuation.
Address the unique facts and circumstances of each valuation by providing a well-established framework of principles and practices.
Prepare effective valuations by providing comprehensive charts, comparative tables, exhibits and examples.

Business plans

IPG creates plans that will help you raise money, achieve your goals, and build a sellable business.
Stand out from the crowd. Precise, well-researched, and expertly forecasted business plan. Our Business Plan Consultants build Bank, Investor, Visa or Grant plans all benefit from the level of detail and insight we’ve gained from working with thousands of customers. Whether you’re looking for a bank loan, investment, or Visa approval, our business plan consultants will custom a plan specifically to your needs.

Every financial and restructuring deal presents unique challenges. Our Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) provide multi-faceted support to clients on every aspect of the transaction. With expert advisory services, the transaction challenges and risks can be turned into opportunities.

We aim to provide you the critical support to make informed decisions. We provide our clients the information that helps them make informed decisions in buy or sell transactions, reshaping the business, raising capital, refinancing, investment, and other transactions.

We will provide you the Transaction Advisory Services in GTA, ON on every aspect of the investment cycle and transaction. We’ll cover a range of services in TAS including financials, taxes, buy, and sell-side due diligence.

How we are Different?

Whether you are looking for an Acquisition, Merger, or Divestment; our experience and data-driven insights will help you make the right decision. Whether you chose to complete the transaction or forego it, you must do it with full confidence.

Our approach will focus on value-driven factors that are critical for making transaction decisions.

Here are a few key differentiators of our Transaction Advisory Services in GTA, ON.

  • A dedicated team of professionals with multi-industry experience in Transaction Advisory Services.
  • Our team of professionals takes a flexible and cooperative approach that makes the process seamlessly easier.
  • Our professional team integrates financial due diligence with a business valuation, business process, acquisition, or merger.
  • We take a holistic approach to analyzing the strategic implications of the transactions for your business.
  • We analyze the past performance of the underlying entity, as well as take a proactive approach to forecast the future benefits.
  • Our professionals will appraise the transaction through objective analyses of potential benefits and risks attached to the transaction.
  • We keep the focus on every aspect of the transaction process with senior management leadership and involvement.
  • Our senior management as well as the team of professionals hail from different M&As and valuation industry expertise.

Key Services in Transaction Advisory

When it comes to Transaction Advisory Services, industry experience and knowledge are of utmost importance. We aim to deliver you quality Transaction Advisory Services in GTA, ON with diverse industry experience and in-depth knowledge of our professionals.

Here is a brief introduction of our Transaction Advisory Services in GTA, ON.

Strategy and Planning

We provide in-depth knowledge and expert advice on strategy and planning for a transaction. From research on the market, assessment, market growth, competitive analysis, benchmarking, competitive advantage, and growth opportunities.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

A comprehensive approach means including services in pre-transaction and post-transaction phasis. These services include key points such as; regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, profits, financial analysis, supplier relations, security, and risk assessments.

Financial Due Diligence

It is the most important aspect of any transaction advisory services section. We take an objective approach to create a clear financial picture of the proposition. It will make the decision-making process for our clients easier.

Transaction Structuring and Accounting

We will ensure that the underlying business is in full compliance with accounting standards such as IAS and IFRS. Our professional will ensure to minimize the structuring as well as accounting complexities.

Sell-Side/Buy-Side Due Diligence

We aim to cover your needs whether you want to buy or sell a business. We’ll focus on delivering quality services for you as buy or sell-side transaction needs. We’ll provide our professional services in historical financial analysis, operational efficiency analysis, and financial projections from either side.

Synergy and Cost Saving Analysis

Our team of experienced professionals will ensure to maximize the synergy benefits for your transaction in financial, system, infrastructure, and human resources. We’ll deliver comprehensive synergy and cost-saving analysis.

Tax and Structuring

Without careful planning, tax implications can overweigh the potential benefits of a transaction. We provide valuable tax consultation to closely match the business valuation needs.

How can we help you?

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