Assurance & Compilation

We view the assurance process including audit, review & agreed upon procedures, as a vehicle for continuous improvement. A quality audit & review reveals useful information that can help in the future. Our methodology blends our technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client, its markets and industry sector. Our audit approach is determined by the assessment of the client

Audit, Review and compilations

We help our clients learn about financial statements and the different levels of service and we can provide with respect to communications on the financial statements (i.e. audit, review or compilation). Financial statements are a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person or other entity over a period of time and/or the financial position of a business, person or other entity at a point in time. We educate our clients in understanding reports on financial statements and the different levels of service.

Applicable financial reporting frameworks.
The terms assurance and materiality.
Audits, reviews and compilations.

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We, as Dubai furniture corporation Canada department, are pleased. Many thanks to the wonderful team in the International Professional Group(IPG) under the executive director supervision of the expert Mr Fathi Abu -Farah for the sophistication in dealing and following up and getting the work done with quality and efficiency.
It made us feel confident that work matters are in safe hands, accuracy in work and follow -up and attention to give the client time in providing advice related to work in a timely manner.
We thank you very much for your efforts in organizing our financial affair, we appreciated your work.

Dubai Furniture Corporation Canada
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