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We view the assurance process including audit, review & agreed upon procedures, as a vehicle for continuous improvement. A quality audit & review reveals useful information that can help in the future. Our methodology blends our technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client, its markets and industry sector. Our audit approach is determined by the assessment of the client

Audit, Review and compilations

We help our clients learn about financial statements and the different levels of service and we can provide with respect to communications on the financial statements (i.e. audit, review or compilation). Financial statements are a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person or other entity over a period of time and/or the financial position of a business, person or other entity at a point in time. We educate our clients in understanding reports on financial statements and the different levels of service.

Applicable financial reporting frameworks.
The terms assurance and materiality.
Audits, reviews and compilations.

Compliance and assurance services are devised to gain effective controls over business operations. Auditing is the way to enhance your internal control effectiveness and efficiency. Compliance means to ensure your business is legally compliant with the local and international accounting, financial, taxation, and regulatory laws.

The broader concept of compliance applies to every aspect of your business. Assurance is the process of verifying that every devised control is effectively in place. Internal and external auditing are the tools to analyze the business compliance and assurance progress.

Let us help you understand the concepts of compliance and assurance. Our team of experienced professionals will help you devise a sustainable and strategically aligned compliance framework. We aim to provide you best assurance and compliance services in GTA, ON.

What Does Compliance Mean?

It is important to fully understand the concept of compliance for your business. It is the process of devising policies, procedures, and internal controls in an organization. The Compliance framework aims to achieve the highest level of regulatory and law compliance in every business aspect as well.

Corporate governance and compliance go hand in hand. Governance works at the top hierarchy of the business management, while compliance ensures the effectiveness of controls in operations.

Our team of professionals brings expertise and knowledge to implement an effective compliance framework for your business. We aim to strengthen your business risk management, regulatory compliance, internal controls, and governance structure.

What Does Assurance Mean?

Assurance is the way of honoring the regulations, laws, and internal controls. It means business management, internal auditors, shareholders, and government regulators are stakeholders to the assurance framework of your business.

Assurance is primarily concerned with the operational and financial accuracy of business processes. There are several ways to achieve assurance in business operations.

  • Operational risk management in a business.
  • Strategic and broader control framework of a business.
  • Strengthening the assurance framework with an effective internal auditing function.
  • Independent and external perspective on assurance through third-party external auditing.

Internal Controls

Internal controls form the basis of effective compliance and assurance framework in any organization. Our professionals can help you devise effective internal controls and review the existing framework.

Internal controls ensure the compliance of regulatory and business strategy implantation alike. We aim to develop an effective internal control framework for your business that is strategically aligned with your business objectives and goals.

 Internal Auditing

Internal controls cannot yield success unless implemented effectively. Internal auditing is the function that ensures the implementation of internal controls.

Our professional auditors can help you in comprehensive internal auditing services to ensure the compliance of financial, regulatory, and risk controls.

Our Unique Approach in Developing Assurance and Compliance Framework

Our team of professionals can help you build a comprehensive compliance and assurance framework. We aim to provide you the best assurance in compliance services in GTA, ON that are designed to help you create effective compliance and assurance framework.

Our unique approach in building assurance and compliance framework will take the following steps:

  • Compliance framework developments – compliance scope, policies, procedures, risk assessment, communication, and defining roles.
  • Reviewing the regulatory and law requirements – compliance review, contracts, internal policies, and interpretation of laws.
  • Help and support in the selection of compliance system selection and implementation.
  • Help and support in the review, control, and performance measurement with recommendations on improvement.

Our Assurance and Compliance Services in GTA, ON

There are many stakeholders of assurance and compliance framework in an organization. From shareholders to internal auditors, government regulators, and management, each stakeholder requires different compliance and assurance aspects.

Our assurance and compliance services in GTA, ON are designed to cover each aspect of your business’s compliance requirements.

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance framework development.
  • Internal controls and policy development.
  • Strategic Review of the internal audit function.
  • Enterprises risk management.
  • Design, testing, and monitoring of internal controls.
  • Board Advisory services.
  • Regulatory compliance function.
  • Special Audits, forensic, and Reviews.
  • IT and cybersecurity risk management.

Our professionals will work hard to create a compliance and assurance framework that establishes the confidence of shareholders, creditors, management, and other stakeholders in your business.

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