Forensic and Litigation Support Services in GTA, ON

Our experienced Forensic Accountants offer Investigative Solutions, such as: Finding hidden money, Finding hidden assets, Quantifying income or losses, Conducting fraud investigations, Help with matrimonial disputes, Help with business disagreements and Unravelling financial mysteries.

For businesses, not every scenario is pleasant and under control. Fraud, white-collar crimes, embezzlement, corrupt practices, and legal disputes are all inevitable parts of any business. Cybersecurity and data privacy are modern challenges along with the abuse of power and litigation matters.

Every business imposes internal control through carefully planned compliance and governance frameworks. However, you’ll need certain expertise and skills to unearth fraud and corrupt practices. Sometimes you’ll need an expert opinion on litigation issues such as contract and regulatory compliance. This is where the importance of quality litigation and forensics comes into play.

We have a team of professional and experienced personnel to help you in forensic and litigation support services in GTA, ON.

What are Financial Forensic Services?

Our financial forensic services utilize the resources of accounting, auditing, internal controls, reviews, and special investigative skills to analyze a business’s financial statements for possibilities of wrongdoings.

Internal auditors and investigative experts utilize their expertise, experience, and special skills to evaluate the financials of the business. They analyze the company’s financials for tax fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, scams, corruption, manipulation, and cybercrimes.

Our forensic services are used to support litigation investigations in accounting as well as criminal investigations. Our forensics aim to quantify the magnitude of wrongdoings in a business whether committed internally or b external parties. Our forensic audits also evaluate the likelihood of crime and establish whether the crime happened at all or not.

What are the Litigation Support Services?

Litigation is the risk of your business facing legal action in courts. Your business can face litigation risk from individuals, employees, suppliers, contractors, companies, and regulatory institutes for your actions or inactions.

Our expert forensic auditors and professionals aim to clearly present complex scenarios and data to build a credible case for your business in litigation and dispute issues. We aim to take a proactive approach in dispute issues with your business by understanding your needs carefully. Unresolved disputes can quickly turn into lawsuits and litigation processes if not handled properly.

Our Areas of Expertise in Litigation and Forensic Services in GTA, ON

Our team of professionals and experienced forensic auditors and experts present accurate solutions to your business facing litigation issues. We utilize our expertise and multi-industry experience to establish an effective case for you.

We provide litigation and forensic services in GTA, ON to our valued clients in the following areas of expertise.

Forensics and Investigations

Our experts can provide you comprehensive services in forensics and investigations into business operations. We assist you in the assessment and management of potential risks arising from fraud and misconduct.

Dispute Resolution

We can provide our dispute resolution services in contract disputes, employee disputes, breach of contract, shareholder disputes, acquisitions, and merger disputes.

Complex Damages

Our team of legal experts can provide you the best services in complex damages issues. These issues can include the loss of profit, shareholder disputes, intellectual property issues, broker deals, securities, and employee remuneration issues.

Special Audits and Reviews

Our experienced forensic auditors can conduct special audit and reviews of your business operations and financial statements. We’ll aim to unearth the financial fraud and misconduct as well as non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

Corporate Intelligence Services

If you are looking for a business sale or purchase transaction, you’ll need authentic information about the entity on potential risks. Our experts can provide accurate information through our CIS services for transaction risks and opportunities.

Disputes in Business Valuations

Business valuation issues can arise in post-transaction scenarios as well. We provide quality services in business valuation disputes including intangible asset valuation, Intellectual Property, tax issues, and asset valuation issues.

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes can stretch beyond embezzlement and fraud. Our team of forensic specialists will provide you unmatched services in analyzing financial crime investigations through transaction monitoring, KYC, fraud reviews, and investigations.

Our team of professional and experienced forensic accountants and personnel can provide you unmatched forensic and litigation support services in GTA, ON. We aim to establish sound opinions through research, analysis, deep investigations, and experience.

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