Tax Consulting and Compliance in Mississauga, ON

Tax and compliance reporting is a sophisticated task for all types of businesses. Tax reporting is
directly related to internal controls, financial controls, and accounting policies adopted by an
organization. Most businesses see tax reporting as a perplexing job. We aim to make tax
reporting and compliance a simpler and effective task for your business.
Our team of professional accountants has the abreast knowledge of statutory tax requirements
and experience to deal with the complexities. Tax reporting and compliance go hand in hand
when it comes to abiding by the law.
We aim to help our clients in tax consultations in a way that reduces their tax burden, meets
the regulatory compliance, and yet adds value to their business.
Changing regulatory environment and complex business transactions make it increasingly
difficult to manage corporate taxes. It requires an abreast knowledge and expertise of changing
laws and regulations. Our professional accountants possess the required expertise in tax
consultation for all types of businesses in GTA, ON.
We serve all businesses in different industries. Each client comes with unique tax consultation
demands. We aim to provide tailor-made services by understanding each client’s needs first.
At a glance, we provide tax consultation services in GTA, ON.
 Corporate income tax – Federal Tax credits, Exemptions, filing.
 Provincial and Territorial Corporate Taxes
 Transfer Pricing, Spin-offs, Dividends
 Excise Tax, Duties, and Levies
 Payroll
 Personal income tax rates, filing, and consultation
 Tax credits, Deductions, and Expenses
 Tax Refunds
 Income Tax Accounting
 Estate Planning, Trust, and Succession Planning Advisory

 International and Non-Resident Taxes
Our Professional Accountants can help you devise an effective tax strategy. We will aim to keep
your business compliant with the CRA. Our Tax Accountant will formulate a tax plan that will
reduce the tax burden, increase operational efficiency, and mitigate financial risks.
Corporate tax reporting and compliance can be a stern task without qualified knowledge and
expertise. Our professional Tax Accountants will take the lead by defining clear tax planning
objectives and understanding the client’s needs first.
Here are some of the key corporate tax services that we can assist you with.
 Corporate Income taxes – Federal and provincial.
 T2- Statement of Corporate income taxes
 T5018 – Contractor payments
 T5 – Investment Income
 GST / HST 
 Employee Health Tax – EHT
 T4 – Statement of Remuneration payments
 Custom Duties and Levies
We take the customer-oriented approach that yields effective results regardless of the industry
or size of your business. We aim to bring the best benefits when it comes to tax consulting
services in GTA, ON.
 Maximize the Tax benefits.
 Reduce tax burden by taking tax exemptions, credits, and follow-ups.
 Selection of Appropriate accounting and depreciation methods.

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