Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services are a type of professional service that helps organizations identify, analyze, and execute strategic transactions. These services are typically provided by financial advisors and consultants who specialize in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, restructuring, and other corporate finance activities.


By leveraging their corporate finance and accounting expertise, transaction advisors can help organizations make informed decisions about their transactions. Our team members at IPG provide a comprehensive suite of services to help organizations maximize value from their transactions. These services include due diligence, valuation analysis, financial modeling, market research, deal structuring, negotiation support, and post-transaction integration.


The primary goal is to ensure that the organization’s transaction is successful;

this involves helping the organization identify potential opportunities for growth or cost savings through strategic transactions. Our transaction advisors also guide how to structure the transaction to maximize value for all parties involved. Additionally, we can advise on how to negotiate terms with potential partners or investors to ensure that the deal is mutually beneficial.


Transaction Advisory Services is an invaluable resource for organizations looking to make strategic investments or divestitures.

By leveraging the expertise of experienced corporate finance and accounting professionals, organizations can ensure that their transactions are successful and maximize value for all parties involved.

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